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5 Reasons to Start Your Own Group of Soul Sisters

February 2, 2018



Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut, lonely, or lack connection in your life?  If so, you are not alone!  These exact feelings are what led us to become involved in our own Soul Sister group.  It has been life-changing for us and we want that for you too.  


We consider a Soul Sister Group any group of people who meet together regularly to connect with each other and go deep in discussion of ideas to make their lives better. It can be a group that meets around any central theme such as a book club, a Bible study group, a running club, or a mom's group.  Basically, it is a group of people committed to supporting each other and encouraging each other.   


For us, it is a group of girls who meet together monthly to discuss ideas and topics that we think will improve our lives.  Topics such as: Living Gratitude, Practicing Kindness, Being Courageous and Persevering though Tough Times.  Anyone can start a group and/or be in one.  All it takes is a little planning and willingness to put yourself out there.  


The following are some of the reasons to consider starting your own group of Soul Sisters:


1.  Connection and Community--Everyone needs this!  In our basic core, we all need to feel connected to people and part of something.  There are so many ways to do this, however, small groups of people committed to similar goals make the connection that much sweeter.  


2.  Support--Life is hard and we all need support.  We need people to hold us up when we are down, people to celebrate with us when we succeed, people to share life with.  It is not fun to be alone and feel lonely.  Soul Sister groups can be such a great support for people who are willing to be vulnerable and share their lives with others.  


3.  New Ideas and Inspiration-- Whatever theme your small group is based on, everyone benefits when people get together to share ideas.  There is so much inspiration to be found by truly listening to each other and being open to learning and growing.  Sometimes we find there is a better way of doing something or thinking about something than than the way we have always done it or thought about it before.  Being open is key here!


4.  Girl Power--Group Power--Whether your group is all girls, all guys, or mixed, the point is we are all stronger together!  If we can find common things to meet together and bond over, it's a win-win.  There is so much power in being part of something that is bigger than just yourself.  Think of all the things that can be accomplished if we do them together.  It's synergistic.  We can accomplish more together than just the sum of each individual person added together.


5.  FUN!!--We all need a break from our everyday lives to have FUN!!  A Soul Sister group is perfect for this!!  Start with a fun activity and then break out into a good deep discussion.  There is nothing better.  It makes a great group to go and do an activity with also.  We all need fun and adventure in our lives so consider getting your girls together today!


Our lives changed for the better so much when we started our group of Soul Sisters that we started Soul Fuel Company to try to pass that on to everyone else.  Doing the Live Gratitude journal together is just one idea to generate discussion and inspiration and deeper connection.  We will leave you to dream up more ideas for yourselves.  Let us know how it goes in 2018.  We will be rooting for more Soul Sister groups to start!!  




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