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My Soul Sister Story

June 5, 2017





Years ago I made a decision to change over from being a working-at-work mom to working-at-home mom.  This change was dramatic for me and a few months into it I began to feel overwhelmed, empty, and alone.   Suffice it to say, I had a difficult time with the transition. I didn't know where the meaning in my life was.  I felt like I was floundering, miserable and depressed.  I was unsure where to turn so I started reading books, magazines, articles, and anything else I could get my hands on about how to find happiness and have a good life.  As I started learning about many of the qualities that people have found to enrich their life, I began to get excited and realize that there was so much more life had to offer than I had previously thought.


I wanted to find a place to share and discuss these new (to me) ideas with my girlfriends and find a way to apply them to my life.  I called up my best friend and asked if she would be interested in starting a group with me.  She said, "Absolutely, yes!" and that became the birth of our Soul Sister group,  It started with a small group of girls meeting once a month to share ideas to increase our joy in life and continues on to this day.  Some of our girls have come and gone because of life moves and other responsibilities but a core group of us have remained together throughout the years.  The experience of connecting with these women has been life changing for me.  


This is what Christy and I are trying to do with Soul Fuel Company.  We are taking some of our favorite topics that we have discussed in our Soul Sister group and packaging them in a way that you can get your own group together and connect over ideas that are life-changing.  Gratitude is our first topic . Our Live Gratitude journal can be done by one person to enhance your own thoughts and ideas on gratitude or as a group.  We have patterned the journal after the format we use in our Soul Sister group with: quotes to inspire, questions to discuss, and ways to take action. Soon we will be publishing a downloadable Leader's Guide that can be used with the journal. It details the timeline we use for our group, some our group rules, mixer ideas to get the group going, and our favorite thoughts on each topic.  


So...if you are feeling lonely, uninspired, or are just wanting to spice up your life with some new ideas, order the journal now and start it on your own. Then, consider getting together with a few of your friends to discuss your thoughts with them.  


This is what the world needs!!   We need more women connecting, inspiring each other, and supporting each other.  We need more Gratitude and Joy in our lives!!  Join us, Soul Sisters!!  We need YOU!!




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