My name is Tami. I am a free-spirit, soul searcher, woman of faith. My goal in life is to spread more joy and connection to the world. I am a mom of three and a wife to an awesome guy. I began my career as a pediatrician and then semi-retired to raise my beautiful children. That ended up being a little harder than I thought it would be... In between the craziness and chaos, I began to search for deeper meaning and connection in my life. This searching led me to start a group for women looking to be inspired and go deeper in life together. Here I met my true Soul Sisters.

After years of meeting monthly to discuss topics such as gratitude, kindness, and peace, I have decided it is time to pay it forward and share some of the inspiration and ways to connect with others that I have found to be life-changing. I still have plenty of crazy and chaos in my life and I have my share of pain and disappointments, but I have a deep belief that we are all better together.

My favorite activities include running, hiking, paddleboarding, and sitting by the lake in the sun with a cold drink and a good friend. Please join us on our Soul Fuel journey to connect and be inspired. xoxo

The mission of Soul Fuel Company is to make products that INSPIRE, help people CONNECT with each other, and encourage people to go DEEP in their conversations and life in general. 


My name is Christy and I am a mother of two delightful kids and married to a wonderful husband. I have a background working as a neonatal occupational therapist and am passionate about premature infants and their families. Curiosity could be my middle name. I’m constantly exploring, seeking new ideas and adventure which most of the time leads to great joy and in some cases disaster. Apparently, there is life after making mistakes and experiencing loss.  I am fueled by love and determination and never seem to slow down until I crash. Learning to live with resilience, compassion, and gratitude has been an essential part of my journey. Living more aligned, authentic, and vulnerable is totally worth it! The “why” for me is faith and the “how” is family and friends. Perhaps caffeine played a part as well!  I am excited to enter a new chapter with Soul Fuel Company. Tami and I promise to keep you encouraged, challenged and, hopefully, laughing from time to time.  Join our Soul Sister project and let’s do life together!!



An Interactive Journal for Inspiration, Conversation and Connection 


Live Gratitude is an interactive inspiration journal on the topic of gratitude.  It is meant to inspire the reader to reflect on gratitude and offer new ways it can be incorporated into their daily life.  It can be used by one person for self-reflection or with a group as a platform for discussion and a source for related group activities and projects.


What feeds the soul matters as much as what feeds the body. —Corrie TenBoom